The Zabbit is the story of Abbott, an extraordinary and most unusual looking rabbit, who learns many important values from his parents, including, "Keep the love in your heart and always be kind.  Create your own luck by using your mind."

Jim Walkow is an author, composer, father, performer, and storyteller.  He is the creator and executive producer of "Great Moments in Sports from the Point of View of the Ball," which aired on ABC's Monday Night Football and Super Bowl XXVIII.   President of Windsor Broadcast Productions and recipient of over 25 national awards for the "American Health Journal" television show, he is now setting his sights on educating, entertaining and motivating young people.  Inspired by his love for his two sons, Ryan and Kevin, Jim's vision and passion energized him to encourage readers of all ages to discover "the magic within."

The Zabbit is the first children's book Shawn Carson has illustrated.  He attended The Center for Creative Studies in Detroit, Michigan, the same art college where his parents first met.   He began his teaching career there, then moved to Houston, Texas, to further his profession as a freelance commercial artist.With a strong desire to educate art students, Shawn co-founded the Houston School of Art and Design.  While teaching there, he met his wife Heather.  Together with their daughter Sarah, they are awaiting the birth of their son, Kaleb.  Shawn feels a special connection between the arrival of his son and the debut of The Zabbit.                         

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